Below is a complete list of the services we offer


Women’s Haircut   Starting at $75

Bang Trim   Starting at $15

Split End Remover   Starting at $55

Men's Haircut   Starting at $50

Girl's Haircut (ages under 12)   Starting at $60

Boy's Haircut (ages under 12)   Starting at $35

Girl's Haircut (ages 12-17)   Starting at $60

Boy's Haircut (ages 12-17)   Starting at $40

*All Children’s Haircuts include choice of blow-dry or braid. Blowdry’s that require extra time are an additional cost.

Blow Out Packages

The White Rose Package
6 blow-outs $240

The Pink Rose Package
10 blow-outs $350

The Red Rose Package
20 blow-outs $600

VIP Package
40 blow-outs $960

*All Blowdrys performed by Ambar will be at a $10 upcharge.


Single Process   Starting at $70

Single Process with glaze   Starting at $90

Double Process   Starting at $125

Half-Head of Highlight   Starting at $200

Full-Head of Highlight   Starting at $250

Ombré   Starting at $200

Balayage/Hair Painting   Starting at $250

Ammonia-Free Color   Starting at $90

Ammonia-Free Color with glaze   Starting at $105

Demi-Permanent Color   Starting at $80

Full Color   Starting at $90

Glaze   Starting at $45

Base Break   Starting at $45

Root Blend   Starting at $45

Color Removal   Starting at $200

*Color Correction requires consultation


Blow-Dry   Starting at $45

Blow-Dry + Style   Starting at $65

Blow-Dry + Flat Iron   Starting at $55

Blow-Dry + Curling Iron   Starting at $65

Half Up-Dressing   Starting at $75

Up-Dressing   Starting at $95

Style   Starting at $65

Flat Iron Only   Starting at $25

Curling Iron Only   Starting at $35

Re-Comb   Starting at $30

Wet Set   Starting at $50

Silk Press   Starting at $65

*Styling of Extensions are at an additional cost.


Perm / Body Wave   Starting at $250

American Wave   Starting at $400

Conditioning Treatments

Oribe Renewal Remedies   Starting at $45

Oribe Signature Masque   Starting at $35

Masque for Beautiful Color  Starting at $35

Gold Lust Repair & Rescue Masque   Starting at $35

Oribe Deep Treatment Masque   Starting at $35

Elumen Clear Glaze   Starting at $45

Moroccan Oil Mask  Starting at $25

Blonde & Highlight Color Lock Serum   Starting at $20

Color Fade-Stop Serum   Starting at $20

Extra Rich Color Fade-Stop Serum   Starting at $20

Rich Repair Serum   Starting at $20

Just Smooth Serum  Starting at $20

Keratin Treatments

Keratin Tropic (Lasio)   Starting at $250
Reduces 100% of frizz for up to 3 months. 100% formaldehyde free. Leaves hair with volume, reducing the curl 30-60%. Clients are able to wash their hair the same day.

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment   Starting at $250
100% formaldehyde free. Reduces frizz and delivers straighter, smoother, stronger and healthier hair for up to 4 months.

Cezanne Ultimate Blonde   Starting at $275
100% formaldehyde free. The same smoothing you receive from Cezanne with blue-violet hues to reduce unwanted warm tones.

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment  Starting at $275
Thermal activated kerashape technology interacts with the hairs structure, reshaping and smoothing unmanageable and frizzy hair. Reduces frizz and enhances smoothness for 3-5 months.

Brazilian Blow out   Starting at $300
Improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Completely customizable - Keep and define your curls or go for a sleek and smooth look. Great for all hair types - wavy, straight, curly or oily - If you’ve got frizz we’ve got you covered! No waiting period required. The end result is smooth, frizz free hair with radiant shine for up to 4 months.

24-Hour Keratin (Lasio)   Starting at $300
Reduces 100% of frizz for up to 4 months. Reduces curl 80-90%.

Color Pro Keratin (Lasio)   Starting at $350
Reduces 100% of frizz for up to 4 months. Reduces 80-90% of curl. Flexshield technology protects blondes and redheads against premature fading and sun damage. Clear formula will not alter hair color.

Mocha Silk   Starting at $400
Reduces 100% of frizz and 90% of curl. Lasts up to 4 months. Contains cacao oil, an antioxidant oil, that deposits moisture, hydrates hair and protects over-stressed hair while also smoothing.

Magic Sleek   Starting at $400
100% formaldehyde free. The most effective system for damaged hair. Can achieve a pin straight look, straight with body, or simply remove frizz. Magic Sleek softens hair, restores lifeless hair, and increases shine. High vitamin E content encourages accelerated hair growth. Protects against UV rays and future damage.


Clip-In Extensions   Starting at $50 application + cost of blow-dry

Tape In Extensions   Starting at $22 per sandwich + cost of hair

Sew-In Extensions   Starting at $75 per track + cost of hair

Beaded Weft Extensions  Starting at $250 per bundle + cost of hair

Keratin Bond Fusion Extensions   Starting at $12 per strand

Microlink i-tip Extensions   Starting at $180 per bundle + cost of hair

*Removal of extensions is charged at an hourly rate.